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Top natural wonders of the Greek Islands

by Sjaak Grijsen

The Melissani Cave

Taking a journey through the Melissani Caves feels more like you are entering a dream world than an old system of underground tunnels. Its wide, jagged entrance entices you in an exciting, yet slightly ominous way. The setting has an aura of mystery about it. Delving deeper into the cave, you’ll soon find yourself in its heart. A great pool sits encircled by steep rock walls coated in plant life, above lies an enormous opening; like a giant natural skylight. This allows sunlight to cascade into the water, illuminating it in a beautiful turquoise that reflects off the cave walls and makes the whole place come alive. This little paradise beneath the surface of Kefalonia, one of the Ionian Islands, is simply an unmissable experience.

The Samaria Gorge

Samaria Gorge is a place like no other. Just like the Melissani Cave. Found on the island of Crete, the gorge is a mix of cliff edges, walkways, vibrant plant life, and stunning views. The location is perfect for people looking for adventures or anyone who likes to appreciate the beauty of nature at its best.


If you journey north of Crete, you’ll soon come to a rather unusual island. Unlike the rest of those found dotted about Greece, which is home to white beaches and lush greenery, this island is contrastingly dark and out of place. The island of Santorini is indeed peculiar, but that isn’t surprising when you consider the island is the result of an ancient volcanic eruption. Lava from the eruption cooled as it met the waters of the Med, forming the landmass we now know as Santorini. On the island, you can experience otherworldly volcanic landscapes while enjoying the beautiful sights of the island from its many hiking trails. You can also visit the volcano that formed the island; careful though, as it’s still active.

The Giola

On the island of Thassos, there is a pool known as the Giola; built not by man, but by mother earth. Just like a rock pool you’d find by any seaside town, the Giola is just a pool filled with fresh Mediterranean water. However, it is much more of a spectacle than your average rock pool. The rock bed beneath gives it a stunning turquoise glow and the warm Mediterranean water combines with the sun to create a natural pool, and a glorious place to for a swim. There are no risks of being swept away, eaten by sharks, or stung by jellyfish, it is just is a great spot for relaxing in nature’s bathing spot.

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